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The Tite-Spot Pliers

TITE-SPOT PLIERS TMTHE TITE-SPOT Welders has a unique and patented spot welding pliers, featuring – cooling of the cables and pliers assembly using compressed air from your shop. This cooling feature improves the TITE-SPOT duty cycle over 800%. The cooling also lets the technician work without clumsy gloves, improving his productivity and generating bigger profits. Because the TITE-SPOT Pliers is constructed of stainless steel, weight and size are kept to a minimum. The handsomely crafted stainless steel handle only weighs 16 ounces; this improves technician speed without wearing him out. The welding cable that is used is an industrial grade 250 MCM Neoprene jacketed welding cable with 2499 strands of 30 AWG pure copper wire. The cables are 8′ 6″ long and have a minimum bending radius of 4 inches for maximum flexibility. Compressed air is injected into the cables where the cables are bolted to the transformer. This also helps cool the transformer, improving the transformer’s performance. After the cooling air passes through the cables, it then passes through the upper and lower jaws of the pliers, carrying off the heat. This cooling air also provides a well ventilated environment to protect the technician from the fumes of the welding process. Compressed air cooling extends the service life of the TITE-SPOT pliers by many, many years.  Safety:Spot welding is the safest form of welding in the Body Shop Industry today. There are no open flames like a torch, and there is no arc that the technician must be shielded from as with a MIG, TIG or STICK. A technician needs only clear eye protection – No bulky, sweaty welding helmet to wear.

Spatter is a constant threat to the safety of the body shop, personnel, and the vehicles in the shop. Technicians spend many hours removing interiors, covering glass, and protecting other vehicles from spatter. Spatter is virtually eliminated when using the TITE-SPOT Pliers. Safety is improved and productivity is increased.  Grinding welds is also a hazard to almost everything in a body shop. With the TITE-SPOT Pliers, the sparks can be eliminated! Spot welding simply melts the two pieces of steel together so there is nothing to grind. Welds can be readied for primer with a wire brush.  Speed: Body shops can complete the spot welding process on today’s vehicles in less time. For example, a wheelhouse can be prepared, welded and primed in 6 to 7 minutes using the TITE-SPOT Pliers. With a MIG welder, a typical wheelhouse would take 35 to 45 minutes for a technician to punch, weld and then grind the welds.A large amount of time can be spent protecting the vehicle from MIG welding spatter. Spot welding is much safer and there is no spatter. Much less time is spent protecting the vehicle from the dangers of fire.  Spot welds never require grinding. Grinding MIG welds takes a lot of time! Protecting the vehicle is not necessary if you do not have to grind the welds.  Appearance: The “New Car” appearance of a spot weld installed with a TITE-SPOT Pliers is impressive. Vehicles are spot welded at the factory. NOW, Professional Body Shops can duplicate this OEM appearance when repairing vehicles. If you want your welds to look like factory welds, you must use a TITE-SPOT Welder.Pat# 4,656,327



On a flange the TITE-SPOT Pliers is 4 to 5 times faster than a MIG welder. Three different styles of tips are provided. They can be replaced in less than one minute. The correct pressure is preset and cannot be adjusted, therefore, no time is spent adjusting pressure. TONGS: Tongs will get lost. The TITE-SPOT Pliers has no tongs to change. No money is spent on tongs that have little use.

No time is spent aligning tongs.


1. Correct diameter of welding tip 3/16 to 1/4 inch (4.8 to 6.4 mm)2. Clamping pressure is automatically controlled with the Patented TITE-SPOT Instant·GripTM.3. Good fit-up – the parts must be touching or the parts cannot be welded together.  4. Two clean sides – the welding tips must be contacting bare steel.  Primer and/or “E coat” may be left between the layers of steel.  5. Set weld time 1/2 to 2 seconds or use manual timer.6. Adjust power for the metal being welded.

Simple To Use


Grip and rock with 5″ Vise-GripTM to clean and insure that two panels fit with no gap. Don’t clean between the panels.


Clamp TITE-SPOT pliers on cleaned gapless spot. (TITE-SPOT’S INSTANT-GRIPTM self-locking mechanism sets the correct pressure). Cycle welder.


Only a wire brush is needed to clean the weld or just a piece of 80 grit sand paper by hand. Never grind a TITE-SPOT weld!

Standard Tips

Hi-Lo Tips

Door Panel Tips

Air Block – Tool Caddy

Accessories Included:

1. Air Block – Tool Caddy has places to store spare welding tips and sharpening tool.  2. Four sets of welding tips are included; two sets of standard tips, one set HI-LO tips and one door panel tip.  3. A sharpening tool that fits in your electric drill to sharpen electrodes.  4. Air control valve for the compressed air cooling and air hoses, fittings and tee.


  • Upgrade Your Lenco or Porta-Spot Welder and make it pay extra dividends with increased productivity
  • The 8 ft. 6 in. welding cords provide a working length that allows you to easily reach any part of the vehicle.

  • Get greater utilization from your power source while it takes up no more floor space
  • The TITE-SPOT Cord Set bolts onto your machine with the original cable set still in place so either cable set may be used quickly.
  • Simply switching the trigger mechanism to the foot pedal on the 8 ft. long cord allows either cable set to be used conveniently.
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