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Paul Wilcox, Founder of TITE-SPOT Welders, Inc. was a Journeyman Bodyman, has been a Body Shop Manager at a Buick garage and owned his own shop.

Dear Valued Customer,

Our Late founder, Paul Wilcox, always said, “Any good craftsman will tell you, good tools make the work easy!”  He was involved with the body shop industry from a young age, building Hot Rods and racecars while growing up.  Then working in several body shops after serving in the Army during the Vietnam War.  Along the way he realized the need for a spot welder made specifically for body repair.

Frustrated by being repeatedly burned from MIG -Welding and then grinding those welds he decided solve the problem.  The solution we came to was to replicate the way the manufacturer did it at the factory using resistance Spot Welding.  He searched but couldn’t find an existing Spot Welder that was ergonomic enough to be truly useful.  So, in 1983, he created the TITE-SPOT PliersTM

, leaving as much of the weight as possible on the ground; a pliers and welding cable set that were small and light weight.  The forerunner of the same TITE-SPOT PliersTM we make today.

This was the first spot welding pliers manufactured for the Body Shop Industry with patented compressed air-cooling, and is still the only one on the market today. Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, TITE-SPOT Welders, Inc. continues to innovate and make superior welding equipment which now includes the powerful S.W.A.T.TM Welder and the sophisticated DiGi S.W.A.T.TM Welder along with our newest Welder the AQUA, A Water-Cooled unit suitable for high production environments.

We now have Welders ranging from 110-volt units to 480-volt units that are suited to many different applications.  With Customers ranging from one-man body and restoration shops to major manufacturers like General Motors, Toyota, Republic Door (Stanley), General Electric, Boeing and 1000’s of others.

Wherever the job, we recognize the need for efficient welding tools, tools that are fast, safe and can reproduce that “factory appearance”.  With our experience over the past 35 plus years, we continue to create spot welding equipment that will maximize your productivity and increase your profits!

At Tite-Spot Welders we strive for superior engineering pay special attention to detail, and use only the highest quality materials and components available.  We Think TITE-SPOT tools and machinery outperform other manufacturers on quality, service, price, and availability.

TITE-SPOT makes wonderful tools at reasonable prices.

Sincerely yours, Dave Walter


  Use the finest materials, hold tight tolerances, and never let a second class product out of the door.  TITE-SPOT Products are manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  Telephone support is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.



A Few of our passions.

Early 60’s Corvair Station Wagon 4×4.  Maybe the first Mini SUV.  Circa 1977.

34 Ford 5 Window Coupe built by our founder Paul Wilcox.






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