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Posted by on Feb 7, 2020 in Custom, Manufacturing & Fabrication | 0 comments

Custom Spot Welding Equipment Applications Are Welcome!

Custom Spot Welding Equipment Applications Are Welcome!

Tite-Spot Welders Welcomes Custom Spot Welding Equipment Applications

Custom spot welding equipment that saves you time and gives you better results are what we’re all about.

Consider, for example, a phone call we got from a prospect in Florida, American Sanitary Partition, or “ASP”.   The CEO was interested in updating the manufacturing process in their 80,000 square foot plant.  As we talked, we realized that there was room to give them a custom solution.

The CEO sent us a few sample parts to work on, cutaways of the corners on the partitions ASP builds.

We developed simple, durable, quality tooling to help them do two spot welds simultaneously.  The welds are stronger and look good.  The welds require far less work after they’re performed to bring the look of the final partition products up to the level required by customers.

We shot video, and sent links to it (at our YouTube channel) and discussed ASP’s needs further.  The result?  A custom spot welding equipment application that saves ASP 30 minutes per panel and gives better results.


Custom Spot Welding Equipment results in huge savings and better results for the manufacturer in the 80,000 square foot building pictured here.

Custom Spot Welding Equipment results in huge savings and better results for the manufacturer, American Sanitary Partition Corporation.

Given the volume of partition panels produced in American Sanitary Partitions’ 80,000 square foot facility, and the time savings per panel – the investment in a custom solution was relatively nominal!



I looked for many years before I found you guys.  You helped us replace an outmoded method we were using, saving us over 30 minutes on each part we make.  In just 10 days after we first spoke, I had a custom tool that solved our hardest welding problem.  I’m so glad I found Tite-Spot Welders.  

Thank You!

Ron B.

American Sanitary Partition


So, if you want to do your work faster, with better results, call or contact usWe welcome your inquiry!

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