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Mini-Swat Screen Cloth Welder

The Mini-Swat Welder was designed for In-Plant Maintenance of Screen Cloth and Wire Mesh components in the Paper Making Industry. It’s Componentized design makes moving it through the plant easy. Just detach the Welding cables and the power cable and you can move it around without taxing yourself.


  • 1
    Analog timing controls with special manual override setting
  • 2
    On-Off switch with green LED ON light
  • 3
    Analog power control using oversized SCR
  • 4
    When welder is engaged red LED light is ON
  • 5
    120Volt 60 Hz operation
  • 6
    Large efficient transformer with oversized primary and secondary windings
  • 7
    Fan cooled transformer using case as radiator
  • 8
    14 Gauge powder coated steel case
  • 9
    Two sets of feet so case can stand up or lay down
  • 10
    Detachable power cord
  • 50 foot long
  • 10-3, neoprene
  • Tough Mil Spec. fitting
  • 11
    Built in vortex refrigerator for; cold compressed air cooling of welding cables with quick connect airline fittings (only uses compressed air from shop and has no moving parts )
  • 12
    Ground cable
  • 10 foot long
  • 250MCM welding cable
  • Refrigerated compressed air cooling
  • 16 gauge copper ground welding shoe
  • Quick connect spin on fittings
  • 13
    Welding cable
  • 8 foot 6 inch long
  • 250MCM welding cable
  • Refrigerated compressed air cooling
  • Glass filled nylon handle with trigger
  • Replaceable welding tips that screw-in
  • Replaceable screw-in adapter in welding gun
  • Quick connect spin on fittings
  • 14
    Spare Welding Tips (3)
  • 15
    Welding tip and sharpening tool
  • 16
    Tool caddy holds spare welding tips and sharpening tool
  • 17
    Spring loaded rubber covered handle, lays flat.


Unit should be plugged into a properly grounded 120-volt outlet.​

The power cord is removable to make the machine easily transportable. The power cord has a 50- amp Mil Spec. plug on one end, this plug is gendered so plugging it in is easy. Unit comes without a male plug on power cord because of the many styles available.​

Color code on power cord: Black line power, White line neutral, Green ground.​

Unit should have compressed air plugged into it for cooling of the welding tools.​

There is a vortex chiller built into the unit; this vortex chiller lowers the temperature of the cooling air about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. There are no moving parts in a vortex chiller, hence it requires no service. A vortex chiller operates by producing cold air at one end, and warm air at the other end.​

This warm air is expelled into the cabinet pressurizing the cabinet. This air leaks out of the seams of the cabinet, which helps keep dirt and grime from getting into the cabinet.

The face diameter of the electrode should be 1/8 inch.

A sharpening tool is provided for the electrode. The tool is really an arbor. This tool can be easily unscrewed from the air block tool caddy located on the front of the machine. To use it simply screw the electrode into the 3/8-24 end and then put the other end of the sharpening tool into your electric drill. Then spin the electrode and use a file to dress the electrode.​

The power control knob will set the output voltage between ~1&5 volts. The on off switch is also on this control when the switch is on a green LED will light.​

The timer control knob sets the weld time up to 2 seconds. If the weld timer is set to zero the timer is overridden and timer is in manual mode. This allows your trigger finger to set weld times.​

Typically, the welding shoe is slipped over and then under the screen cloth so that both layers of screen cloth are on top of the welding shoe. Then the welding gun can install the weld.​

The Screw-In Adapter has threads to screw the electrode into it. The electrode should be screwed in and snugged with a wrench. The Screw-In Adapter is designed to make sharpening the electrode easy. If the Screw-In Adapter becomes damaged, it is easy to change. The Screw-In Adapter also is intended to keep the tapered hole in the welding gun in good condition.

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